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About Matchmaker


Irina Levy, Matchmaker & Founder of The Matchmaker Miami

As a matchmaker in Miami, I understand the challenges my clients face when looking for their significant other. Often, the standards for an ideal match far exceed the quality of available matches, making it seem as if “all the good ones are already taken.” But there is another side to this. If one does enough networking, that perfect person is bound to come into their life. The challenge is that networking is time-consuming and many of us in Miami can't seem to fit it into our busy schedules.

When taking on a client, I get the mental image of what their “type” is. I prefer that my clients show me pictures or videos of those whom they find attractive. Once I get a sense of what kind of personality and background my client is looking for in a match, I’m off to search.

I find matches for my clients in many different ways. I have an extensive network of scouts throughout Miami, as well as, a database of high-quality singles from all areas of life. My scouts and I go out to the hottest singles events in Miami. We network as much as we can - it’s our job. If my client is a professional who is looking to meet another professional, I will go to conferences and events held within the desired field. If my client wants to meet a fashion model, I will go to fashion shows and events. I will reach out to a vast network of stylists, hair and makeup artists that I have accumulated.

During this time, I develop personal relationships with my clients and learn more and more about them. Our relationship usually turns into a friendship, where my clients share as much information as possible as to who they are looking for, helping me greatly in identifying suitable matches.

While I would show pictures of potential matches to my client, whether or not I present the matches with photos of my client varies. It all depends on the client’s preference. If my client requires complete privacy in their search, then we include in their contract that I wouldn’t reveal the client’s pictures and full name to potential matches.

About 80% of my clients enter an exclusive relationship after meeting 4-5 matches, and about 45% of our clients come from referrals of former or current clients.


Rosita, Matchmaker & Recruiting Manager

Rosita oversees our matchmaking scouts in Miami and nearby area. She recruits and trains our new matchmaking scouts. Her scouts include modeling agents, fashion stylists, hair stylists, makeup artists, club promoters and all other individuals that come into contact with the most beautiful people in Miami.

Rosita does the initial round of screening of our daters and completes their background check. Her goal is to select high-quality matches for our clients.

There are many matchmakers, matchmaking services, dating services, and matchmaking agencies in Miami. What makes us different is that we complete a very thorough background check of all our daters before they join our service.


Vida Rodriguez, Matchmaker

Vida's primary responsibilities include searching our extensive database and coming up with matches for our clients. Her strong connections in the fashion and entertainment industry in Miami help facilitate our recruitment process.

To help our clients put their best foot forward, Vida handles optional styling and photography support offered by our matchmaking service and dating service.